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His Final Performance

His Final Performance

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Famous Shakespearean actor, Richard Carrington, thought his final performance was as King Lear in London. In fact, it was in the High Court in Glasgow on a charge of murder.



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    BOB BUCHANAN HAD BEEN the kind of Detective Chief

    Inspector admired and trusted by all. So when he was elevated to

    Superintendent there were genuine congratulations all round. And

    his record remained unblemished until the day he left the force.Now

    retired for three years, and comfortably settled in their downsized

    flat in the West End of Glasgow, he was surprised and puzzled to

    receive a letter addressed to ‘Superintendent Robert Buchanan’.

    Picking it up from the hall carpet, he made his way to the kitchen

    where his wife, Janet, was putting last night’s crockery and cutlery

    into the dishwasher.

    ‘How about this, Janet?’ he said as he entered the kitchen. ‘The

    BBCare doing a TV series called ‘FamousCases of the Past’ and they

    want to interview me. They say I’ll be on the first programme and

    its theme will be ‘Judges versus Juries’.That’s close to my heart. But I

    wonder if they don’t realize I’m retired.’

    Janet closed the dishwasher and pressed the buttons as Bob

    handed her the letter. She walked to the kitchen table, put on her

    glasses and started reading it. They sat opposite each other, Bob

    waiting in silence for his wife’s comments.


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